The Challenge

Create support for the passage of product recycling legislation in various states and municipalities which protects consumers and the environment while providing fairness and certainty for manufacturers, instead of unfavorable legislation which had been enacted into law in one state and was being introduced as model legislation in other states and municipalities.


Develop an outreach campaign to state and municipal officials, stakeholders, and media across the country explaining the benefits of the preferred legislation and urging its passage.


Create an informal industry coalition to operate on this specific issue outside the constraints of existing trade associations.

Develop and promote model legislation.

Develop the background and messaging materials needed to successfully explain a complex, technical issue and effectively present the case to lawmakers.

Manage lobbyists, political operatives and communication specialists from our network in the individual states.

Coordinate and leverage our efforts with allies and other stakeholders, including environmental organizations, local officials, and recyclers.

Reach out and coordinate with local, state, and national legislative and stakeholder organizations to promote our newly drafted model legislation.


To date, 26 states and municipalities have passed our model legislation, or some alternative acceptable to our client.