The energy and electric utility industry was the source of over three-and-a-half million “conversations.”

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Driven by politics and the media Obamacare captures more attention, but the energy and electric utility discussion is enormous and organic. 

Compared to the three-and-a-half million discussions about energy and utilities that trended positive overall, Obamacare garnered over eight million – largely negative – mentions between early February and late April in social and traditional media.

The high volume of discussion about fuels, primarily solar, kept the energy discussion positive, but conversation about other utility issues was more negative, and when volume increased the sentiment was overwhelmingly negative.

The week of February 2 was, of course, the Dan River coal ash spill.  Although the “noise” level returned to normal after the initial social media/Twitter volume burst surrounding the first week’s events, mentions of coal ash and Dan River have remained among the top 50 topics in overall energy and electric utility conversations over two months later … suggesting the issue is far from over.  In the two weeks after the spill, Duke Energy ascended to the top 25 mentions overall and appears to be a sticking focus of the conversation.  In fact, where Duke Energy appears in the top content, it was consistently mentioned more times that references to “Dan River” or “coal ash.”

The conversation volume spike the week of February 23 was driven by talk of high energy bills, with the volume increase taking place mostly on Twitter.

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