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Election Landscape Updates

As we survey the election landscape three weeks out the House is getting bluer and the Senate redder. Republicans are retreating in vulnerable congressional contests even conceding Kansas 3 to a Native American LGBT lawyer.


It may be “the economy stupid” but the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that despite Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, they “didn’t have a clear advantage among voters who said the economy was the most important or a very important issue.”

Labor Rocked in Little Rhody?

On the heels of Missouri’s astounding beatdown of its right-to-work law earlier this month, organized labor faces a formidable challenge in Rhode Island’s public union-disaffiliation campaign, an offshoot of the SCOTUS ruling in June…

West Virginia Political Drama

West Virginia is a small state – and since it’s my wife’s home state (and the late Matt Reese’s), I must speak respectfully – but the political drama unfolding with the impeachment of the entire state supreme court has the makings of a novel.

Electric Utilities in the Age of Amazon

As the public utility sector has turned to The Hawthorn Group to help it navigate a rapidly evolving, highly creative, innovative consumer marketplace, public opinion research has helped identify a landscape Thomas Edison could never have imagined.