The Hawthorn staff and senior counselors have expertise in strategic communications, issue advocacy and crisis management. We have a strong background in coalition building at the state and local level to mobilize support and buy-in from key stakeholders, working with influential voices and complementary grassroots support.

Letter From Our Chairman

Whatever the advocacy challenge, the fundamental role of strategic communications was best described by Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric 2,500 years ago: “the faculty of discovering in any particular case all of the available means of persuasion”.

To that classic definition, we add all the modern era techniques—from websites to Twitter, from grassroots to GrassTops, from opposition research to industry intelligence, from industry coalitions to individual networking, from traditional advertising to content marketing, from community relations to social responsibility, from lobbying to philanthropy, from media relations to social media campaigns, and from data analytics to behavioral science—all classically driven.

Mindful of this, Hawthorn provides strategic counsel; finding and applying all available means of persuasion and blending all the available tools into the art of creating advocacy at scale.

With activities and projects in more than 40 states over the past two years alone, Hawthorn has built campaigns that engage and recruit both grassroots and opinion leader support on issues of broad public concern, including: energy and tax policy, infrastructure programs, business development and resource planning.

We reach the people you need