The Challenge

Raise awareness among presidential candidates, media and opinion influencers about the importance of comprehensive energy resource planning in a political environment saturated with narrow, wedge issues.


Focusing on key battleground states, we found creative ways to increase the visibility of the issue by identifying and promoting advocates among each candidate’s own supporters.


  • Utilized political campaign organizing techniques in a public affairs campaign.
  • Placed experienced campaign teams in early primary/caucus states and key battleground states during the fall general election.
  • Traditional media outreach plus well-placed signs and widespread voter support got us coverage in local daily newspapers, radio and television; as well as every network, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and in USA Today.
  • Increased our visibility among key audiences and the media by conducting Whistle Stop tours in towns along the way, arriving at the site of candidate events prior to the candidate to gain visibility and promote our message prior to the excitement and noise of the campaign event(s).
  • Generated on-the-spot assistance from the candidates’ own supporters at events and turned them into visible advocates for our efforts.
  • Used targeted, state-specific paid advertising.
  • Pushed our message through email newsletters to supporters and through social media.  Content was driven by photos and videos of team members interacting with presidential candidates and the crowds at their events.


  • At the conclusion of our campaign efforts, both Parties’ presidential candidates had adopted our language on the issue and included it as part of their stump speeches.
  • The issue was discussed in all four general election debates.
  • The program had a measured impact on public opinion; at the beginning of the campaign 46 percent of the opinion leaders were supportive of the issue and 50 percent opposed; by the end of the campaign, support moved to 72 percent and cut opposition by more than half to 22 percent.