The Challenge

Restore public trust and reputation of an international energy company after a massive environmental disaster.


Focusing locally, as local issues and officials drive the national and state legislative, regulatory and financial agendas we created effective on-the-ground communications and political organizations in affected states.


  • Polling and focus groups to identify key audiences and messages.
  • Built an extensive database of public officials, business and community leaders.
  • Targeted outreach to key influential individuals, including those with whom reporters, including national media, were talking.
  • Engaged and managed local media firms.
  • Designed and implemented a strategic philanthropy program.
  • Created and managed public events.
  • Identified and recruited experts and third party advocates to speak on the issue.


  • Increased favorability among key audiences in affected stated.
  • Received high credit from state and local officials for clean-up efforts and “doing the right thing.”
  • Ensured the ability of the company to obtain critical licenses to operate.