Our 25 years of experience is broad-based, working on complex public policy challenges. Our portfolio is anchored by work in heavily regulated industries, particularly the public utilities space but our client base extends from a national fintech startup, to litigation communications on diverse issues, to higher education, to manufacturing, telecommunications, consumer products and gaming.

Our strategic expertise is in these three areas:

  • Strategic Communications and Issues Management We help clients identify threats and emerging issues and then work to develop overarching plans and manage tactics to solve a problem, promote an agenda, and inoculate against expected challenges.
  • Crisis Planning and Communications When problems occur, we provide real-time support that help our clients manage and recover from crises. We also work with companies to identify what challenges to anticipate.  We’ll get you ready for them both substantively and through systems development so that you can effectively respond.
  • Grassroots/Grasstops Engagement Hawthorn has demonstrated experience with activating the grassroots and the grasstops to take real, verifiable actions in a controlled and measured way. We have the local operatives developed over 20 years of campaigns, as well as the most cutting-edge digital tactics to reach audiences.