Crisis Preparedness: Eight Lessons Learned

Every situation and every client is unique, but there are some basic Crisis Management lessons we have learned over the years:

  1. Everything will become public. Staying under the radar is not an option.
  2. Issues move through organizations/communities/globe in an instant.
  3. The volatility of the political and economic environment has magnified the severity and importance of everyday business issues.
  4. Public trust of business is at an all-time low, and critics will use your problems to their advantage.
  5. You cannot isolate an operating incident. A crisis will impact the entire corporate entity.
  6. Organizations must react quickly and authoritatively, which requires advance preparation and on-going training and practice.
  7. Decisive action mitigates the severity (and longevity) of an event.
  8. Protecting corporate reputation and management credibility are vital to survivability.

The key factors that distinguish those companies that avoid, mitigate and manage crisis successfully from those that don’t: a preparedness culture; a corporate-wide approach to Issues Management; and frequency of training.

Larry Walsh