Creating Campaigns to Impact Legislation and Regulations


Amplifying Our Message

Advocacy campaigns have the potential to influence the political and policy debate and have a dramatic impact on nature of legislation and regulations. Hawthorn is a recognized industry leader in creating and managing cost-effective, high-quality and measureable campaigns that integrate all communication and organizational tools to deliver results.

Creating and activating Grassroots and GrassTops support is often a key element of a successful advocacy campaign and Hawthorn has developed and managed hundreds of successful programs across the country and around the world. Our campaigns produce volume when needed, but the goal is often best reached by focusing on generating targeted support from real political Influentials in key districts and/or states. We know how to motivate advocates to take real, verifiable actions in a controlled and measured way, and our programs set the standard for quality, reliability and results. Hawthorn has a bias for action and the infrastructure in place that allows us to ramp up activities like phone calls, emails and letters to public officials immediately, as well as provide an experienced on-the-ground field team on command.

The backbone of any advocacy program is the breadth and depth of the field network supporting it. Hawthorn’s extensive national network of specialist firms and experienced individuals provides us with the local knowledge and resources necessary to target, attract, and mobilize allies and advocates. Each is a recognized leader in their market, bringing decades of political, media, and grassroots organizing experience to the issue at hand.