As we survey the election landscape three weeks out the House is getting bluer and the Senate redder. Republicans are retreating in vulnerable congressional contests even conceding Kansas 3 to a Native American LGBT lawyer.

Meanwhile. Mitch McConnell has ordered more Majority Leader business cards. North Dakota is breaking Republican. Manchin is likely to survive but tightening in that West Virginia race is encouraging to R’s. Buckeye State Republicans are banking on decades-old divorce records to bounce Sherrod Brown with #MeToo momentum but that race has stubbornly clung to the Lean D column.

In New Jersey, Garden State voters all seem to acknowledge their senior senator is a crook, but do they care? Democrats seem poised to snare 4 to 6 governorships next month and collect 400 or so state legislative seats after losing 900 during the Obama years.

Stay tuned for my outlook on November 7 headlines you may not be expecting and my prediction on a 2020 White House contender who, this cycle, may win by losing.