Despite promises by President Joe Biden’s team to bring “normalcy and strength” back to the federal government, it will take some time for all institutions to find their new normal. And the current political environment is likely to lead to continued changes in how public affairs professionals implement programs to impact state and local policies.  Following are a few suggestions to prepare for the coming year and beyond.

1) Do a complete review of lobbying, political and ethics laws to make sure you are up to date in your active states. Not only have laws changed over the last few years, but state legislatures are increasingly taking up these issues in the 2021 legislative sessions. Don’t get caught by surprise.

2) Complete a comprehensive audit of your public affairs strategy and tactics to determine if changes are needed to operate in a new and constantly changing environment.

3) Consider the political changes in your key states, counties and municipalities and determine if your teams, messages and allies are still relevant.

4) As part of your review and revamp, make sure you look at your Political Action Committee and corporate contributions program, refocusing and targeting those programs to reflect changes and new priorities.

5) Don’t forget employees, retirees, and business partners as you redesign your programs. Keep them informed, involved, and energized. You’re going to need them!

This is a great time to make some positive changes in how we all do business.

Enjoy the challenge!