What We Do

The Hawthorn Group is an international public affairs firm of senior corporate and political communications experts specializing in building grassroots and grasstops support for issues to achieve public policy objectives. We find and provide all appropriate means of persuasion, from industry coalitions to individual networking, from traditional advertising to community relations, from media relations to social media, blending all the available tools into the art of advocacy.

With activities and projects in more than 33 states over the past two years alone, Hawthorn has built campaigns that engage and recruit both grassroots and opinion leader support on issues of broad public concern, including: energy and tax policy, infrastructure programs, business development and resource planning. 

Our 25 years of experience is broad-based, working on complex public policy challenges. Our portfolio is anchored by work in heavily regulated industries, particularly the public utilities space but our client base extends from a national fintech startup, to litigation communications on diverse issues, to higher education, to manufacturing, telecommunications, consumer products and gaming.

The Hawthorn staff and senior counselors are an experienced team with expertise in the political process at the federal, state and local levels, strategic communications, issue advocacy and crisis management.  We have a strong background in coalition building to mobilize support and buy-in from key stakeholders, working with influential voices and complementary grassroots support.