At Hawthorn, we believe being strategic in communications means all plans, messages and tactics must support the achievement of a client’s business goals.

The Hawthorn team provides senior level advice on preparedness, as well as real-time  management of adverse incidents to management and boards of directors. Our experience spans a wide range of issues, from industrial spills and accidents, to workplace violence, to data breach, management turnover, to product recall.

Hawthorn is a leader in taking political campaign techniques and applying them to winning corporate and association advocacy campaigns. Best known for its Grassroots and GrassTops programs, Hawthorn specializes in game-changing integrated campaigns that include all the elements needed to win – whether the challenge is a local plant siting or impacting regulations or legislation at the local, state or federal levels.

Letter from our Chairman

Whatever the advocacy challenge, the fundamental role of strategic communications was best described by Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric 2,500 years ago. To that classic definition, all the modern era adds are modern techniques: from websites to Twitter…from grassroots to GrassTops…from opposition research to industry intelligence…from industry coalitions to individual networking…from traditional advertising to content marketing…from community relations to social responsibility…from lobbying to philanthropy…from media relations to social media campaigns…from microtargeting to big data…all applications of modern techniques…all classically driven by strategies based on finding “all the available means of persuasion.” Mindful of this, Hawthorn provides strategic communications counsel, finding and applying all available means of persuasion…blending all the available tools into the art of advocacy. Johnsigsmall

Research and Analysis From focus groups and polling to policy analysis and opposition research, information is the key to winning campaigns.
Crisis Management Hawthorn works with corporate management and boards to identify and mitigate corporate-wide issues, risks and vulnerabilities.
Strategic Communications We help clients navigate the increasingly demanding operating environment that is driven by regulatory activism, forced transparency and the 24/7 drumbeat of cable, digital and social media.
GrassTops & Grassroots Our breakthrough campaigns ensure public officials hear the right message from key constituents.
Digital Communications We help clients create and fine-tune their digital strategy to ensure that it is aligned with their overall communications effort.
Media Relations We incorporate traditional and digital tactics to drive the coverage and conversation, including a focus on local media in the home districts of key officials.
Local Operatives We maintain a nationwide network of seasoned political operatives, lobbyists, and public relations professionals with unmatched local knowledge of their territory, people, issues, and trends.
Internal Communications Assessment & Training Hawthorn combines its corporate experience with the communications skills honed in numerous campaigns to develop successful internal communications programs and training.