Dale Leibach

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Dale Leibach, has held senior level communications positions in both the private and public sector including the White House and Capitol Hill. He has extensive experience in high-stakes communications to help clients achieve public policy, legal and communications goals and has worked with the principals of The Hawthorn Group for nearly 30 years.

He advises clients on communications strategies including legislative initiatives, regulatory action, and Congressional oversight. Leibach led the communications efforts for a coalition in the high-profile battle over broadband spectrum. [The “Save Our GPS” coalition (www.saveourgps.org) was named by The Hill publication as one of the leading public affairs efforts in 2013.]

Leibach has worked with leading law firms on complex litigation ranging from qui tam cases, to labor disputes, to False Claims Act and Class Action lawsuits.

For more than a decade, Leibach has worked with a number of companies in lead paint litigation in numerous cities and states across the country, where lawsuits have wound their way through the courts to resolution in state Supreme Courts on a half-dozen occasions.

A leading education organization in the for-profit sector was called to Congressional hearings followed by a False Claims Act/qui tam case involving the Department of Justice (DOJ) and litigation by a dozen state Attorneys Generals. Leibach managed communications for the entire process.

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