In the wake of last week’s elections, one of Washington’s best-known public affairs consultants and longtime political operative, John Ashford  CEO of The Hawthorn Group, told a meeting of industry CEO’s he believes, if current trends continue,  in 2022 Democrats WILL lose control of the U.S. House, COULD lose control of the U.S. Senate, and WILL lose a net of at least two state governor offices.”

Ashford quoted Will Rogers,
I’m not a member of any organized political party.  I’m a Democrat.’ 
Ashford noted The Cook Report currently lists nine U.S. Senate seats as Lean Democrat (4, all now Democrat), Toss Up (3, all Republican) and Lean Republican (2, both GOP).  For the GOP to take control of the Senate, they have to win six of those nine races.  And he recalled Charlie Cook’s observation that, in recent cycles, all the late-decided races tend to go, in a wave, to one party.  He did note GOP chances to take New Hampshire fell with Tuesday’s announce by Governor Chris Sununu he will NOT seek the Senate seat.”